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Ruby is a red variety of corundum.

At all times red color has been associated with strong emotions, passion and love, power, fire and blood. Therefore, the flame- red ruby is the most popular stone since ancient times. Ruby is mentioned in the Bible. The earliest mention of a ruby is found in Indian manuscripts dated 2300 BC, where it was named ratnaraj, which means "king of precious stones" in Sanskrit. Almost all kings and emperors had excellent rubies in their collections of jewelry. To the present-day price of high-quality rubies is higher than that of diamonds of the same size. The record value of a ruby was recorded at Christie's auction in 2011, where the ruby ring from Elizabeth Taylor' collection was sold at $ 4.2 million.


Commenting on this ring, Elizabet Taylor said: "It was the most perfect colored stone I'd ever seen".

The price of this ruby was almost 513 thousand dollars per carat!

Ruby is one of the most popular stones in the collection of created gems by RG Crystals.

RG Crystals patented improved Czochralski and Hydrothermal technology that allows to create a Ruby which is identical to the natural one. As a result of using natural rubies of lower quality as a source material RG Crystals Created Ruby shows colors, set of impurities and all physical properties same as natural ruby. RG Crystals Cultured Ruby is also known as recrystallized ruby.

Here are the distinctive features of RG Crystals Cultured Ruby:

  • The range of colors is absolutely identical to top shades of rubies mined in Burma: "Pigeon blood", "Royal red", "Vivid pink red"

  • Set of impurities defining structure and imperfections is the same as in natural rubies

  • The crystals are painted through. NOT A DIFFUSION!

  • Color of a crystal remains the same as time passes, because there are no oils, glass and polymers inside

  • Diagnostic properties are identical to those of natural ruby


The table below provides a comparison of the properties of Recrystallized Ruby by RG Crystals to natural Ruby:





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